Doubled up to get through 

So before going to sleep on the evening of my last post I took a frovatriptan. I got through the next day with the addition of some asprin in the afternoon. 

By evening on the 25th I knew it was getting worse but I went to sleep without any more pain relief. 

I woke up this morning with a definite migraine starting. I am classifying these as migraines as they are long term headaches that build and grow without intervention and they affect my moods and my extremities were cold. 

The pain had started of behind my eyebrows the night before. When I woke it was round the back of my head, again it was between the crown and the lumpy part of my scull. 

After taking two asprin with breakfast I then went on to take a frovatriptan just before work but not before snapping at my husband about how he “doesn’t know what it’s like living with this much pain.” I felt like a complete bitch by the time I’d got to work and apologised via text. He’s very understanding in any case. 

By lunchtime I realised the pain wasn’t going to fully shift and so took another frovatriptan. I know it’s a bad one if I need two frovatriptan in 24 hours. 

The second tablet seemed to really help and although very tired, I was able to continue to function through my working day. 

I know some people get knocked out by tacking triptans. I’m glad I’m not one of them otherwise I think I’d have to give up work.  Sometimes I think that would help but mainly, having something to get up for drives me forwards.  The migraines leave me feeling blue enough without being housebound aswell.


Categorising my migraines

So sunday passed with mainly my cold to complain about which led me into Monday feeling drained. 

Monday was day 3 of my cycle and when I normally get another migraine. This wasn’t any different but it took me longer to realise it was stammering due to my cold. 

Tuesday arrived and I woke feeling a little better than the day before but my positivity was flattened. I seem to feel a little flat and sullen at this stage in my cycle, I wonder why. It’s not like the moods pre period, this is bleakness and misery.  

Around lunchtime I started to get a headache. I put it off a little while but then took two asprin.  By 8pm it was back as was my cold nose. 

These are the headaches I can’t stand. They’re not as definitive as the pre period migraines but they go on for days/weeks. I feel tense, blue and drained. 

I wish I knew how to handle them. More asprin? A triptan? Cold turkey? These are the headaches when I start to question whether I need to have a tablet free day… But if they are the same every month are they just a continuation of my hormonal migraines? 

According to the classification true menstrual migraine is between 2 days before and 3 days after. Anything outside of that means you fit into the category of menstrual related migraine. My question here would be… If my pattern is the same for every single month how is it not all related to my hormones?

Wrong time wrong place

So as I feared today it all hit at the same time.  It was my brother in laws wedding and I’ve been able to see this conflict with my cycle coming a long way off. I’m pretty regular. 

My period started around 11am and by 12:40 I had left for the wedding venue. Only when I was on my way (guest minibus) did I realise that my head was uncomfortable and I didn’t have asprin or triptans with me. Big error!

I did have some naproxen with me and took some just after the ceremony.  I ate the dinner, hoping the painkillers would kick in but it didn’t work. 

After dinner my other brother in law gave me a lift back to the hotel to get my medicine. By this point I was in bits, very cold, withdrawn, overwhelmed with pain and in fear I had passed the point of no return. 

I took 20 mins, 2 asprin and a frovatriptan with a hot cup of tea and a 10 minute lie down.  I wanted to get back to the wedding for cutting the cake and first dance so battled through. 

After a diet coke one of my best friends in the whole world arrived.  She is amazing and saved me from struggling with any more small talk. I watched the first dance then sat out in a quiet area with my friend.  I can relax with her, chat turns to simple things (house renovations, cat chat etc) whilst our husbands head to the bar. 

At this point my head starts to ease off but my sinus cold starts back up. I give it an hour then head back to the hotel. Just in time too, the menstrual cramps have started. 

I really don’t know what to do on days like today. Staying home was not an option and I was suffering with so many things I didn’t know how to medicate. I was firefighting. 

This is how day 1 of my cycle usually is… A bloody nightmare of weighing up how to medicate migraines and cramps without o.d-ing. Throw a sinus cold on top and I’ve been in a right pickle. 

On that note, I’m off to sleep. Tomorrow can only be better. 

Tired but busy 

Friday improved, the fog lifted a little but I felt tired all day. 

We travelled to a hotel on Friday afternoon and by the evening I realised I was getting my husbands cold. 

I slept restlessly on Friday night and woke to sinus pain radiating to my teeth. 

If my timing is right my migraines might give way to menstrual cramps later today. With a sinus cold developing I’m going to struggle to know what to medicate later. 

Mapping my pain

The fog lifted yesterday and I had a day at work without too much confusion and without medication. 

As the evening drew on the headache started again and I took two asprin before going to bed.

At 3am I woke with the pain levels escalating. The first focus of pain was around the back of my head, underneath the crown but above the bony part of the scull. Imagine upwards curved line, a smile and that’s where my pain was focused. 

After awareness of that area my focus shifted to the front of my head, the area behind where my eyebrows meet and then to my temples to an internal pull. After this I loose awareness of singular pain zones and it’s just pain. 

I really struggle to map zones of pain, I really have to focus to identify it. I don’t have one eye of pain as many migraine sufferers do. I would say however that the smile at the back of my head is the most frequently identified. 

I took a frovatriptan around 3:15 then tried to get some more sleep. My brain was hyperactive so it’s not easy. 

When I woke to my 6:30 alarm I was exhausted. My husband was too, apparently I had been restless all night. 

Hopefully I will be able to get clear of the fog today. I have a busy morning then an afternoon off before heading to a wedding tomorrow. 

Exhausted after 8 hours. 

I took two asprin and a frovatriptan last night. I could feel the pain escalating so didn’t second guess it. 

I find second guessing treatment choices is one of the most difficult things for a hormonal migraine sufferer. On the one hand I want to be pain free, on the other, my  prescription medication is very restricted and I don’t give my body any cause to give me more headache. 

I’ve got a busy day ahead and I feel exhausted, like flu without the cold symptoms. Given I slept for 8 hours last night I shouldn’t feel so drained. My pain is not fully under control (but not out of control either). I keep getting little flashes of the full pain, the rest of the time is a dull fog. 

On with a healthy breakfast and lots of green tea.  I’ll decide how to treat after. 

Frown crown 

The pain has started again.  The areas I can feel are at the front of my head, between my eyebrows and at the back on my head between the lumpy part if the back of my scull and the crown of my head. Everything in between hurts too, like a big oval of pain sat on my head. 

My trapezius feels like they’re starting to tighten up and my nose has gone cold.  I’ve not taken medication just yet but will be starting with asprin after writing this.  This is pretty standard for this point in my cycle. 

My migraines usually develop pretty slowly, it gives me time to take corrective treatment and hopefully avoid it having an incapacitating affect.    

I’ve got a big family wedding this weekend so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can get it under control by then.