About me…

Hi, I’m Rebecca, a 31 year old British female who suffers with hormonal migraines. 

I met another sufferer at a friends wedding. It was the first time I’ve spoken to anyone suffering with the same condition.  We spent at least an hour talking about symptoms, suffering, anecdotes, medication and how migraines impact our relationships, professional and social lives.  I loved being able to talk to someone who really understood and it got me to thinking… Surely, you know with the whole internet thing I can do this online. 

So here I am. I am going to treat this as my monthly migraine diary. If you suffer with hormonal migraines you might find some of these posts useful or you might be able to help me by sharing your own coping methods. 

Above all, I recommend that you go to your GP and get some medical advice. I’m not remotely trained in anything medical, this is just my way of dealing with what my body throws at me. 




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