An update for the past two weeks.

So after my last post I realised a few things.

  1. I had been suffering with a sinus cold which was contributing to my headaches
  2. I had also been suffering with a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck which lead to tension headaches.
  3. The tension headaches had been triggering migraines every few days.
  4. I think the tension is caused by the initial migraines.

So after I looked after the tension, courtesy of a very deep massage and my body started to get rid of the sinus cold, I started to feel better.  It wasn’t easy and ended up with about 18+ days straight (at my last count, I kind of gave up) of headaches an migraines. By Saturday 4th April I was coming out the other side but still a little fragile.

Since then (as expected with my cycle) I’ve enjoyed some relatively happy, pain free days.  I’ve had a few minor ‘warning’ headaches, one on Saturday 11th April which required a couple of aspirin in the morning, some self massage and use of a tennis ball to release tension in my neck and shoulders, and two aspirin and a glass of diet coke in the evening.

Last night I went to bed and woke back up quickly.  I realised that my head felt like an electrical storm again, not real pain but a pre-cursor to it along with some sensitivity at the back of my head.  I took two aspirin before going back to sleep and it enabled me to sleep through the night.

I’ve got two or three days before my next cycle starts so I’m expecting more headaches and migraines.  I have booked in for another massage on the 22nd which should be a week or so into my next cycle and the point at which the hormonal migraines stop and the loop of tension headaches and tension triggered migraines start.  This is a working theory.

If I find that massage does help at this point in my cycle it does make me wonder about botox.  I think the NHS guidelines state that you need to have tried at least 3 preventatives before they will refer you for botox.  I’m not keen on the idea of anti-epileptic or anti-depressant drugs, especially if I’m only using them to get to the treatment that I think will work.

I will try and continue to update my migraine diary over the next two weeks and see what affect the massage treatment has.


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