Tension headache to migraine vicious circle. 

Tuesday wasn’t a bad day, I had a dull pain the needed aspirin but nothing further. I felt like I had a tension headache which I think had been caused by days on days of pain. 

I was careful to sleep on my side on Tuesday, the back of my head is so tender from all the migraines and headaches that putting any more pressure on it felt like it might trigger another. 

I woke on Wednesday conscious of the tension in my neck/shoulders. I was careful to go gently, i have a massage booked in for the evening so I just need to get through until then. 

All was going fine until about 3pm when I migraine kicked in and escalated very quickly (by my standards) by 4:30 I needed to go home. 

I feel like I get tension headaches because I have migraines and then I get a migraine triggered from my tension headache. I wonder if the botox route would be any good for this? 

Anyway, I took two aspirin earlier, it’s definitely time for a frovatriptan then a massage later on. I hope it helps. 


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