Locked in a loop

I feel like I’m locked in to this cycle of pain. I don’t know whether I should take pain killers and ride it out or go without. 

It pretty much always gets to this after my period. I get desperate to make the pain end and find articles like these intersting. 


A bizarre method of getting out of this long term pain loop can be to get a little drunk, after which I will have a massive hangover headache which I can medicate then it seems to clear the day after. 

I’m not sure why this works but it seems to fit my theory that my head is locked in a pain loop and I need to do something to interrupt it… Give it something to really moan about (the hangover) and it will stop the other headaches/migraines. 

I’m using the term headaches/migraines as I really couldn’t classify it. It’s just pain, it interrups my sleep, my work and my happiness. 

I may try and go without painkillers today. What a fun way to spend a weekend. My husband and I are going to start trying for a baby so the getting drunk solution doesn’t feel right. 

Who knows how I’ll get out of this loop. 


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