Doubled up to get through 

So before going to sleep on the evening of my last post I took a frovatriptan. I got through the next day with the addition of some asprin in the afternoon. 

By evening on the 25th I knew it was getting worse but I went to sleep without any more pain relief. 

I woke up this morning with a definite migraine starting. I am classifying these as migraines as they are long term headaches that build and grow without intervention and they affect my moods and my extremities were cold. 

The pain had started of behind my eyebrows the night before. When I woke it was round the back of my head, again it was between the crown and the lumpy part of my scull. 

After taking two asprin with breakfast I then went on to take a frovatriptan just before work but not before snapping at my husband about how he “doesn’t know what it’s like living with this much pain.” I felt like a complete bitch by the time I’d got to work and apologised via text. He’s very understanding in any case. 

By lunchtime I realised the pain wasn’t going to fully shift and so took another frovatriptan. I know it’s a bad one if I need two frovatriptan in 24 hours. 

The second tablet seemed to really help and although very tired, I was able to continue to function through my working day. 

I know some people get knocked out by tacking triptans. I’m glad I’m not one of them otherwise I think I’d have to give up work.  Sometimes I think that would help but mainly, having something to get up for drives me forwards.  The migraines leave me feeling blue enough without being housebound aswell.


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