Categorising my migraines

So sunday passed with mainly my cold to complain about which led me into Monday feeling drained. 

Monday was day 3 of my cycle and when I normally get another migraine. This wasn’t any different but it took me longer to realise it was stammering due to my cold. 

Tuesday arrived and I woke feeling a little better than the day before but my positivity was flattened. I seem to feel a little flat and sullen at this stage in my cycle, I wonder why. It’s not like the moods pre period, this is bleakness and misery.  

Around lunchtime I started to get a headache. I put it off a little while but then took two asprin.  By 8pm it was back as was my cold nose. 

These are the headaches I can’t stand. They’re not as definitive as the pre period migraines but they go on for days/weeks. I feel tense, blue and drained. 

I wish I knew how to handle them. More asprin? A triptan? Cold turkey? These are the headaches when I start to question whether I need to have a tablet free day… But if they are the same every month are they just a continuation of my hormonal migraines? 

According to the classification true menstrual migraine is between 2 days before and 3 days after. Anything outside of that means you fit into the category of menstrual related migraine. My question here would be… If my pattern is the same for every single month how is it not all related to my hormones?


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