Wrong time wrong place

So as I feared today it all hit at the same time.  It was my brother in laws wedding and I’ve been able to see this conflict with my cycle coming a long way off. I’m pretty regular. 

My period started around 11am and by 12:40 I had left for the wedding venue. Only when I was on my way (guest minibus) did I realise that my head was uncomfortable and I didn’t have asprin or triptans with me. Big error!

I did have some naproxen with me and took some just after the ceremony.  I ate the dinner, hoping the painkillers would kick in but it didn’t work. 

After dinner my other brother in law gave me a lift back to the hotel to get my medicine. By this point I was in bits, very cold, withdrawn, overwhelmed with pain and in fear I had passed the point of no return. 

I took 20 mins, 2 asprin and a frovatriptan with a hot cup of tea and a 10 minute lie down.  I wanted to get back to the wedding for cutting the cake and first dance so battled through. 

After a diet coke one of my best friends in the whole world arrived.  She is amazing and saved me from struggling with any more small talk. I watched the first dance then sat out in a quiet area with my friend.  I can relax with her, chat turns to simple things (house renovations, cat chat etc) whilst our husbands head to the bar. 

At this point my head starts to ease off but my sinus cold starts back up. I give it an hour then head back to the hotel. Just in time too, the menstrual cramps have started. 

I really don’t know what to do on days like today. Staying home was not an option and I was suffering with so many things I didn’t know how to medicate. I was firefighting. 

This is how day 1 of my cycle usually is… A bloody nightmare of weighing up how to medicate migraines and cramps without o.d-ing. Throw a sinus cold on top and I’ve been in a right pickle. 

On that note, I’m off to sleep. Tomorrow can only be better. 


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