Mapping my pain

The fog lifted yesterday and I had a day at work without too much confusion and without medication. 

As the evening drew on the headache started again and I took two asprin before going to bed.

At 3am I woke with the pain levels escalating. The first focus of pain was around the back of my head, underneath the crown but above the bony part of the scull. Imagine upwards curved line, a smile and that’s where my pain was focused. 

After awareness of that area my focus shifted to the front of my head, the area behind where my eyebrows meet and then to my temples to an internal pull. After this I loose awareness of singular pain zones and it’s just pain. 

I really struggle to map zones of pain, I really have to focus to identify it. I don’t have one eye of pain as many migraine sufferers do. I would say however that the smile at the back of my head is the most frequently identified. 

I took a frovatriptan around 3:15 then tried to get some more sleep. My brain was hyperactive so it’s not easy. 

When I woke to my 6:30 alarm I was exhausted. My husband was too, apparently I had been restless all night. 

Hopefully I will be able to get clear of the fog today. I have a busy morning then an afternoon off before heading to a wedding tomorrow. 


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