Exhausted after 8 hours. 

I took two asprin and a frovatriptan last night. I could feel the pain escalating so didn’t second guess it. 

I find second guessing treatment choices is one of the most difficult things for a hormonal migraine sufferer. On the one hand I want to be pain free, on the other, my  prescription medication is very restricted and I don’t give my body any cause to give me more headache. 

I’ve got a busy day ahead and I feel exhausted, like flu without the cold symptoms. Given I slept for 8 hours last night I shouldn’t feel so drained. My pain is not fully under control (but not out of control either). I keep getting little flashes of the full pain, the rest of the time is a dull fog. 

On with a healthy breakfast and lots of green tea.  I’ll decide how to treat after. 


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