Sweet sleep

I got an early night last night and took two preventative asprin. It worked, I slept through and feel a bit more human today. 

Hopefully the day continues this way. I have a big meeting this morning. 

I wonder what the risk of taking asprin as a preventative vs the risk of overuse heachaches.  I could probably do with some guidance from my GP on this. 


3 thoughts on “Sweet sleep

  1. My GP told me there are lots of people who do take asprin as a regular preventative medication. He didn’t see an issue as a small dose, “if it work” I decided it didn’t for me as it didn’t break my cycle. But if it works for you it’s worth discussing


    1. I don’t think asprin would touch the sides of breaking a cycle, but it does seem to help to deescalate them before they get their foot in the door. I may be eating my words in two days time when they hit in earnest.


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