The aftermath 

So after the long night came the aftermath. A cross between a headachey migraine hangover and pmt. The fog hand lifted all day. 

I found myself entirely distant from reality, easily stressed and quite snappy. This didn’t make for a very productive workshop style meeting that I was chairing in the morning. Luckily two of my colleagues know of my condition and some of the affect it has on me. I put them on notice this morning that I would likely need more time to compute conversations. 

It’s difficult to approach the conversation of hormone related conditions at work, especially around male colleagues.  I’m quite driven at work but I am aware that 2 weeks a month I would much rather be slouching at home. Thankfully the other me does enough the rest of the time to account for any slack I need. 

Right, time to curl up with the cat. She’ll no doubt be at my side this evening as I’ll probably be running a bit of a temperature tonight. 

On the plus side. No painkillers needed to get me through apart from the one asprin first thing. 


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