It starts…

So today I had the first warning that migraines were on their way. My head started to hurt, my thoughts were clouded and I felt slightly on edge. By 11am I realised I needed to take some tablets.  My first line of defence is two asprin and some caffeine. In this case as I was at my desk, a black coffee.image

I checked my monthly cycle on my period tracking app, I’m 5 days away from my period. I’m pretty much guaranteed to feel crummy for 5-15 days from here on in.

As the day has progressed I felt even more lethargic, my concentration levels dropped and I struggled to follow conversations without putting in a lot of effort.  I also seem to have slightly colder hands, feet and nose… A regular feature for me.  I wander if anyone else is the same.


3 thoughts on “It starts…

  1. Interestingly I get cold fingers, toes and the tip of my nose. Prior to my migraines going crazy I never felt the cold. I previously put the cold tips of my extremities down to reduced circulation, a potential side affect from my migraine meds (well worth it if reduced the frequency of attacks) maybe I’ll have to look at the relationship with attacks from now on!


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